find presence within your body

To meditate means to pay full attention to something. It does not mean to run away from life. Instead it is an opportunity to look deeply into ourselves and into the situation we’re in.
— Tichh Nhat Hanh

T.K.V Desikichar describes concentration (dharana) as the "mind moving in one direction like a quiet river-- nothing else is happening." I find this is to be the the true result of of my mediation practice; not necessarily during the process but after, as I go about my day and watch my boys play, fight and argue, as I wash dishes, as I listen to my clients.

My approach to mediation is simple and applicable: I believe in short meditative breaks that focus one’s attention on a single object. Breath based focus practice is highly effective and popular among my clients, and they start off with 3-5 minutes per day. These breaks are cleansing for our mind and nourishing for our body and deeper facilities .

Like yoga positions, mediation techniques can also be modified to one’s physical and physiological needs to produce the best results in yoga therapy. I integrate meditation into all of my offerings, as the mind often rules (and sometimes not in the direction that is healthy)!